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365 Images of Social Justice: Week 3

January 15 (1929), The birth of civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 16 (1969), Czech student, Jan Palach, sets himself on fire in protest of the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia

January 17 (1987), Thousands protest against the first test launch of the Trident II Missile at Cape Canaveral, Florida

January 18 (2011), Websites blacked out against SOPA, Stop Online Piracy Act, (and PIPA) in what became the largest internet protest in history for internet freedom

January 19 (1991), Thousands protest in Washington D.C. against the bombing of Iraq during the Gulf War

January 20 (1990), Known as Black January/Saturday, protests calling for independence of Azerbaijan from the Soviet Union erupted in Baku and Soviet troops attacked and fired on the protesters killing over 100.

January 21 (2005), Angry at the ruling government party for the declining economy, huge protests broke out in Belmopan, Belize after the government released a budget with significant tax increases; national strikes followed.


365 Images of Social Justice: Week 2

January 8 (1811), German Coast (Louisiana) Uprising, which was the largest slave revolt to occur in the U.S.

January 9 (1964 ), Martyr’s Day in Panama, riots over sovereignty of the Panama Canal Zone colonized by the U.S.

January 10 (2007), general strike in Guinea, trade unions and opposition groups called on President Conté to resign

January 11 (1943), Carlo Tresca, and Italian born American anarchist and labor unionist, known for fighting against fascism and the mafia, was assassinated (by mafia or government?)


January 12 (1848), Sicilian revolution for independence centered in Palermo

January 13 (1866), The Colored National Labor Union was founded

January 14 (2011), President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia is ousted after weeks of protest commencing from Bouazizi’s self-immolation