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I Think These Thoughts; Do You Think These Thoughts, Too?

I sit here and have these thoughts, and I wonder, “Do others have the same thoughts as I do?” Thinking these things which are quite unpleasant yet gives me satisfaction to think about. Do others feel satisfaction, too? Satisfied, no. I am not satisfied; that is why I think these thoughts that I do even though unpleasant. I get satisfaction from thinking the unpleasant thoughts, but I am not satisfied. Do others feel unsatisfied, too, even though satisfied thinking these thoughts that I do? If you do not think these thoughts that I do are you satisfied by thinking the thoughts that you do? What if you are unsatisfied? Do you think pleasant thoughts to keep you unsatisfied or pleasant thoughts for satisfaction? Do you think unpleasant thoughts for dissatisfaction and not think like I do or think like I do and feel satisfied? I think we think the same, but do not think the same and are unsatisfied yet receive satisfaction, too. We relish in our dissatisfaction until we are satisfied with our dissatisfaction so we keep thinking these unpleasant thoughts in hopes they will be pleasant some day so that we may receive satisfaction and be satisfied by thinking these pleasant thoughts for satisfaction. What do you think? Do you think these thoughts that I do? Do you think these thoughts that I do not? Do you not think thoughts that I do not think or think all thoughts? I sit here and think these thoughts and wonder if you think these thoughts, too.




Black Box with a Pinhole

Black Box with a Pinhole