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I’ve got a lot of goals
and no will to complete them,
a lot of ambition
with no roots to grow a stem,
a future of greatness
but no desire for any gem,
success with no boundaries
just time filled with phlegm,
a life of no meaning
for this bored and angry femme,
fatigue so damn long
but much too weary to hem,
to eternal dark and silence
this, I will not condemn.







Flat Lines and Waves

Some poetry writing:

After life there comes death.
Death, like a sweet fruit—
firm with a light crunch, wet, unsubtle taste,

After death begins life.
Life like a hand abruptly removing the quiet—
forceful and loud, dry, soured awakening.

Digging feet into the ground,
Clawing for the moments before.
Before life,
before death,
before life.

Tightly composed.
Weighing down into the light of darkness.
The light of darkness before life,
before death,
before life.

The light of non conceived masses of being,
of blood that’s blood
and eggs that are eggs,
of truth that doesn’t exist
and breath that is not needed,
of a non-existing existence of nonexistence.

The light of darkness confirms the dark is lightness.
It’s a light of flat-lines in a place of chaos,
of mobility in a space of confinement,
of flame cleansing structure,
and water drowning faith,
of blinding power over-shining within,
of a knowledge over-consumed,
of a whiteness too impure,
of fire consuming all.

We are here.

We Forget

Tomorrow I will find nothing,
Lost in shadows and darkness,
The world so holy.
So lonely.
Truth comes forward like heaven on a rainbow.
Clouds dissipating into unopen arms.
Torrential rainfall like none the world has ever seen.
The ground cracked and crumbling.
Fingertips grasping ledges to which they can’t even hold on.
But holding nonetheless.
The asphalt curls and rumbles,
Flattening structures like demolition without the explosion.
The people are blind.
The world is white, bricks and metal no longer an obstruction.
Destroyed or cleansed is the argument.
Building anew the goal.
And waiting for destruction yet again.
We create war. We create worlds. We destroy souls.
And we forget.
This world is not ours to keep.

What I Think

I think that there is something inherently wrong with a society that accepts slaving away at a job in order to live as opposed to each individual contributing to society with their skills and passion, i.e. what they do best.

I think snobs and sellouts suck.

I think too many people value the wrong things.

I think that technological advancements are amazing, but that they also contribute to poor health, laziness, and arrogance.

I think everyone needs a technological time-out.

I think I know very little about even less topics.

I think I prefer the ultra-right wing, overtly racist person to the liberal, I-feel-sorry-for-you-because-you-are-poor-or-black-and-I-want-to-save-you-but-often-say-offensive-things-but-am-a-well-meaning person.

I think I’m pretty good at a lot of things, but have no motivation to work at them to become great because the world sucks my soul dry.

I think that Americans are some of the most complacent people on the planet.

I think that government should either not exist or be made up of volunteers approved by consensus.

I think I dislike when people say, “That moment when…” or “That feeling when…” Great, we all have moments. Why can’t you just talk about the actual moment instead or why you are feeling that particular way?

I think the phrase, “Said no one ever” should die.

I think that people on the political left are just regurgitating the moronic conservatives on the political right when they say that marriage is a Christian institution. No, it’s not. Please refrain from this argument in your case against any marriage whatsoever because it’s wrong. Marriage pre-dates Christianity and Christians aren’t the only ones who get married, contrary to those spewing rhetoric from the right and those borrowing it on the left.

I think that there are very few trustworthy people. It’s even hard to trust those fighting the good fight.

I think that movies are made longer than ever to keep people entertained and distracted for longer.

I think that if society is committed to living in a capitalist world, then the (lefty) libertarian view of economics probably should be put into practice, otherwise people and countries will go bankrupt over and over again and we will have a small percent of extremely wealthy people with the majority being extremely desolate and poor. Maybe it would allow a greater middle class, or provide more opportunity to those who do not have it; at the very least, we won’t be wasting money on war and weapons and occupying other nations. However, no matter what kind of economics is put into practice within capitalism, there will always be poor people. Why can’t we try something else?

I think I hate everything.

I think it’s okay to be enamored by something that goes against your beliefs as long as it doesn’t harm others.

I think the production of any type of perfume or cologne should cease. Stop suffocating me, please.

I think women should stop piling make-up on their faces.

I think that people are stupid when they say that being an artist is easy or takes no effort.

I think that I would like to live reclusively and self-sufficiently accompanied by a bunch of books, art, and art supplies.

I think that everything should burn.

I think people should turn the tv off.

I think I’m tired.

I think mainstream music is in the saddest state it has ever been in.

I think I get headaches all the time because I am alive in this world.

I think orange is a nice color.

I also think purple is a nice color.

I think it’s cool that you can’t get those nice two previous colors without mixing other colors.

I think I need to relax, but I don’t know how.

I think I’m really tired of the Guy Fawkes mask.

I think that there are several levels of hell and that this is the top one.

I think that this is it for now so I’ll end here.