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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Flat Lines and Waves

Some poetry writing:

After life there comes death.
Death, like a sweet fruit—
firm with a light crunch, wet, unsubtle taste,

After death begins life.
Life like a hand abruptly removing the quiet—
forceful and loud, dry, soured awakening.

Digging feet into the ground,
Clawing for the moments before.
Before life,
before death,
before life.

Tightly composed.
Weighing down into the light of darkness.
The light of darkness before life,
before death,
before life.

The light of non conceived masses of being,
of blood that’s blood
and eggs that are eggs,
of truth that doesn’t exist
and breath that is not needed,
of a non-existing existence of nonexistence.

The light of darkness confirms the dark is lightness.
It’s a light of flat-lines in a place of chaos,
of mobility in a space of confinement,
of flame cleansing structure,
and water drowning faith,
of blinding power over-shining within,
of a knowledge over-consumed,
of a whiteness too impure,
of fire consuming all.

We are here.



I decided to create a monogram for myself. I wanted something simple, just my initials nested within each other nicely. A-S. This is what I came up with.


AS pencil



AS digital




I use the blue (teal-ish) monogram on my portfolio and website without a circle, but since it is standing alone here, I’ve included that. My website has finally been updated, sort of, but all of the kinks haven’t been fixed yet. It’s not the most responsive site yet and @font-face doesn’t seem to be my friend right now. I will fix all of that soon.

(or VR… I’ll make one of those soon, too.)